Real Clear Politics: The Go-To Source for Unbiased Political Insights

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Have you ever wondered where you can find reliable and unbiased political news, analysis, and commentary, all in one place? Look no further than Real Clear Politics. In this article, we’ll explore what Real Clear Politics is, its history, purpose, features, and the impact it has on shaping political discourse. Get ready to dive into the world of real-time politics!


Real Clear Politics, often referred to as RCP, is a leading online source for political news, analysis, and polling data. It was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing a comprehensive platform that aggregates news articles, op-eds, and commentary from various sources across the political spectrum. Whether you’re a casual observer or a political junkie, Real Clear Politics offers a wealth of information to keep you informed and engaged.

The History and Purpose of Real Clear Politics

  • Founding and Background

Real-Clear Politics was established by two self-proclaimed political enthusiasts, John McIntyre and Tom Bevan. They recognized the need for a platform that would cut through the noise and present readers with a balanced view of political news and opinions. What began as a modest website has now grown into a trusted source for political insights.

  • Objective and Mission

The primary objective of Real-Clear Politics is to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the political landscape. Its mission is to promote informed citizenry by offering a range of perspectives, encouraging critical thinking, and fostering open dialogue. By presenting articles and analysis from diverse sources, Real Clear Politics aims to transcend partisan boundaries and create an informed electorate.

Real Clear Politics Website

  • User-Friendly Interface

Upon visiting the Real-Clear Politics website, you’ll notice its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The clean layout allows visitors to navigate effortlessly and access the latest political news, opinion pieces, and polling data. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned political observer, the website caters to users of all backgrounds, making it easy to find the information you’re looking for.

  • Features and Sections

Real-Clear Politics offers a plethora of features and sections that cater to different interests. From its main page, you can explore categories such as news, opinion, election central, polling, videos, and more. Each section provides a unique perspective and helps readers gain a comprehensive understanding of political events and developments.

Real Clear Politics as a Source of Information

  • Aggregating Political News

One of the key strengths of Real-Clear Politics is its ability to aggregate news from various sources. Instead of relying on a single news outlet, readers can access a wide range of articles and reports, including those from major publications, independent journalists, and think tanks. This comprehensive approach allows readers to compare and contrast different viewpoints, promoting a deeper understanding of political issues.

  • Analysis and Commentary

In addition to news articles, Real-Clear Politics offers insightful analysis and commentary from experts in the field. These opinion pieces delve into the nuances of political events, providing readers with alternative perspectives and thought-provoking insights. Whether you’re interested in domestic policy, international relations, or campaign strategies, Real-Clear Politics has you covered.

  • Polling and Election Coverage

Real-Clear Politics has gained a reputation for its extensive polling data and election coverage. The website aggregates polls from various sources and provides readers with an average, offering a snapshot of the political landscape. During election cycles, Real-Clear Politics becomes a hub for tracking the latest poll numbers, electoral maps, and predictions, keeping readers informed and engaged throughout the campaign season.

Influence and Impact of Real Clear Politics

  • Shaping Political Discourse

Real-Clear Politics plays a significant role in shaping political discourse. By curating a wide range of articles and opinions, it encourages readers to think critically and consider different viewpoints. This approach fosters healthy debates and helps readers form more informed opinions.

  • Engaging the Public

Real Clear Politics actively engages its readers through comments sections, forums, and social media platforms. It provides a space for individuals with diverse political beliefs to share their thoughts, exchange ideas, and challenge each other’s perspectives. This interactive aspect fosters a sense of community and encourages civic participation.

  • Election and Campaign Coverage

During election seasons, Real-Clear Politics becomes an indispensable resource for political enthusiasts. It provides in-depth coverage of campaigns, debates, and candidate profiles. Whether you’re interested in swing states, electoral projections, or campaign strategies, Real-Clear Politics offers a comprehensive analysis to keep you up to date.

Criticisms and Controversies

As with any prominent media organization, Real Clear Politics has faced its fair share of criticisms and controversies. Some have accused the website of exhibiting bias in its reporting and analysis. While Real Clear Politics aims to provide a balanced view, the interpretation of certain events may vary. It’s important for readers to critically evaluate the information presented and seek additional sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding.

Accuracy and reliability concerns have also been raised, highlighting the challenges faced by any news aggregator. Real Clear Politics strives to ensure the accuracy of the content it shares but acknowledges that errors can occur. It is recommended that readers cross-reference information and verify facts independently.


Real Clear Politics has established itself as a go-to source for unbiased political insights. With its comprehensive aggregation of news, analysis, and polling data, it offers a valuable platform for individuals seeking to stay informed and engaged in the political sphere. By fostering open dialogue and providing diverse perspectives, Real Clear Politics plays a crucial role in shaping political discourse and empowering citizens to make informed decisions.


How often is Real Clear Politics updated?

Real Clear Politics is updated continuously throughout the day, ensuring readers have access to the latest news and analysis as events unfold.

Can I trust the information provided by Real Clear Politics?

Real Clear Politics strives to present a balanced view by aggregating content from various sources. However, it’s important to verify information independently and consider multiple perspectives.

Does Real Clear Politics endorse any political candidates?

No, Real Clear Politics does not endorse political candidates. It aims to provide a platform for diverse viewpoints and encourages readers to form their own opinions.

Can I submit my own articles or opinions to Real Clear Politics?

Real Clear Politics does not accept unsolicited articles or opinion pieces. However, they provide opportunities for guest contributions through their established network of contributors.

Does Real Clear Politics have a mobile app?

Yes, Real Clear Politics offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access the latest political news and analysis on the go.

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